Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FUX Network & Adam Lambert to "Fan the Flames" on reality TV

Fans of American Idol and Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, will be thrilled to know that FUX Network is in talks with Lambert, who is openly gay, to launch a new reality series.

Lambert has just released his video “Better Than I Know Myself”, for the first single from his album “Trespassing”, due for release on March 20, 2012. The video shows a split screen with a dark temperament Lambert, decked out in leather, spilling tequila and setting a fire, while the light natured Adam sports comfy clothes, sips tea and practices yoga.

FUX shared their strategy with Biggest Leeker and said upon first view of Lambert's video they decided to pursue Lambert for their highly anticipated show.

An executive from FUX, Seymour Green, met with Lambert at the popular California Jews Bar and revealed exclusively to Biggest Leeker that he and Lambert had a very productive meeting while sharing a leek, kale and eggplant beverage.

Green confirmed that details have been hashed out and the new show is called “Burning Idol”.

Additional details of the show have been leeked, but not confirmed.

21 finalists will take a glammed up school bus to the middle of the dessert near Black Cock City where The Burning Man Festival is held each year.

Subjected to similar harsh rigors in the desert experienced at Burning Man, the contestant's first challenge is to build a giant wooden likeness of Ryan Seacrest.

Clothing will be optional for the contestants and Lambert, who will be the Executive producer and emcee, is rumored to being open to also appearing naked. Personal rituals will be prohibited, such as shaving and showering. All foods and pharmaceuticals must be 100% natural and organic. Nightly feasts may include psychedelic mushrooms, provided from the show’s first sponsor, Beyonce’s “Blue Ivy Organic Nursery”, and will likely unleash the raw and unique talent of each contestant.

After two weeks in the desert without basic luxuries, the contestants will strap the idol-like effigy of Seacrest to their bus and return to Hollywood where they perform their own vocal arrangements inspired by their Burning Man-like experiences. Song choices are limited to selections that have been heard at least 3 times throughout Idol’s 11 successful seasons and all of the past “coronation masterpieces”.

After the wooden Seacrest effigy has served its purpose as set d├ęcor, it will be set ablaze as the winner is crowned.

Biggest Leeker is actively trying to obtain a statement from FUX as to how the show will be edited for the family friendly audience.

No judges have been announced formally but Biggest Leeker is predicting a list of possibilities that include Ohpera, Poola Abdool, and Lambert's longtime friend Peerez Hilton.

Although no major sponsor has stepped up to award a lucrative recording contract for the top performers, there is speculation Lambert will feature the winner and runner-up in his next music video.




  1. I would pay money to see the finale.

  2. Well, I hope you are all happy! You all raised hell until you got Phyllis to type in non~caps! Are you all happy now? Matt, are you the one who bans plpoee? Phyllis, I was disappointed in most of the performances on ELVIS night. I really liked BIG MIKE'S ~ In the Ghetto. Nothing else really inpressed me. I am a huge Elvis fan. And it would be hard to listen to other plpoee sing his songs! I like Dwight Yoakham's Suspicious minds. Sounds great when he sings it.PS, HOPE THIS DOES NOT ANNOY EVERYONE. BUT ADAM WAS GREAT AS USUAL!!!!! HE IS SO SWEET AND HAS GREAT MANNERS. JUST A DOLL. AND LIKE PHYLLIS I SAY ADAM IS VERY TALENTED. AND YES ~ TO HELL WITH THE CHIPMUNKS WHO DON'T LIKE HIM. LOL! And to all I will type in regular typing. OK? I think there might be more reasons on here to kick someone off instead of them using caps.How about the ones or one who keeps calling ADAM LAMBERT A FREAK? That is definitely not right! FOR THE MODERATOR! Bye Phyllis for now! Sherry K

  3. I was for Adam Lambert all the way during the IDOL coomttieipn. I could not stop raving over this guy. Then he blew his performance on the AMA show. This is a good example of a novice celebrity becoming too self-assured too quickly. People say Madonna gets away with certain stage behavior, so, why can't Adam? The answer to that question is because Madonna has earned the right to perform any way she pleases, due to her hard-earned, mega-stardom as a singer in the Industry. But Adam is new. He must be careful. He didn't take his new celebrity-DOM with humble gratitude. Instead, he flaunted it in our faces. Also, his singing ability, which during IDOL was suberb, for the AMA show, leaped over the edge and became hollaring'. The whole performance was what I'd call a mistake performance. Then Ellen gave him an opportunity to redeem himself, apologize to the world, and he did not. He said he was having a good time up there on the stage. So, he blew it twice. Here's what needs to happen: Adam should make a statement to America, such as: I apologize if I offended anyone, and I now see that my performance might have done so. Then America needs to forgive him and get over this episode. And lastly, Adam Lambert should continue to perform, having learned many lessons. His destiny is to sing! Beryl Shaw, fiction writer. berylshaw.com.