Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adam Lambert: "Glitter is dead to me"

Adam Lambert has proclaimed:
“Glitter is dead to me”.
Mr. Lambert refers to his new style as more “organic”.

Is it December 21, 2012?
Could it be the end of the world as the Glambert’s know it?
Organic - Glam? Can you say “Orglamic”?

And what about the GLAMberts?
Will the fan base have to accept a new name?
How about the “Orglamberts”?

Biggest Leeker went straight to Lambert’s fans, formerly known as his “Glamberts”, to feel their pulse, if they still have one.

On the surface it appears stock prices for glitter related industries are plummeting and Glamberts are rushing to crafting websites, scrambling to figure out how to reuse or repurpose their glitter. Some are seeking proper disposal methods for their unused stash.
Here's what some of the fans have to say:

RainbowGlitterFairy: I have to change my avi name. It’s like I’m losing my identity.

GlitterCraftFreak: I still had the price tags on some of my bags of glitter but the craft store won’t give me my money back since it’s been over 30 days since I bought it. I could use the store credit to buy some yarn and a “How to Knit” book.

Tweeny: I don’t like our new fan group name. G comes before O in the alphabet so the Beliebers have even more of an edge on us now. I HATE YOU ADAM ORGLAMBERT!

AdamCleanMyHouse: I made the mistake of trying to flush my glitter down the toilet. It exploded all over my bathroom. Adam, come and clean my bathroom.

EarthLuvsAdam: I’m concerned about the environment. Glitter is not biodegradable. Here we are giving money to Adam’s clean water charity and ruining our own water supply at the same time. ‘Xcuse me while I hug this tree and hum a song to heal our planet.

LilKatie: I just wrote a paper for school about glitter. Now I have to go to the library again.

FlashInThePan: I called my local food bank and homeless shelter and neither of them have any use for my glitter.

OffMyRocker: I got rid of all my boring gray and beige clothes and bought all this stuff with sparkles and spikes. I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford new clothes again.

Tasty: Here is a brand new picture of Adam not wearing any glitter. I enhanced the… What are we calling the Glambulge now? Does he still jizz glitter?

Moreskinin:  Good news for me, no more picking glitter out of my teeth.

DiscoTattoo: I hear feathers are the next thing to go. I guess my peacock sleeve tattoo is too cliché’ now.

GNL20Timer: I can’t even imagine what the merch will look like on the next tour. Macrame hanging planters? At least we won’t set off the metal detectors.

PugsyWugsy: Glitter wasn’t good for dogs anyway. Whatever my Master says is good enuf for me.

Master:  :(

WackyKittn: I evacuated to escape a hurricane and I couldn't decide between my glitter or my cats.

GlowSchtick: How will I spread Adam’s light without the reflective glitter?

LOLEllen: I knew this would happen. I even blogged about it.

Flumingo@camp: The whole thing makes me nervous.

Ferret:  I’m not arguing. He said glitter is dead to him, not us. He can’t speak for us.

Lambertlate:  @WackyKittn My cats always come first.  Was that a personal attack on me?

MeatAndVegies: I agree with @Ferret. After Adam said glitter is dead, I can’t believe anyone would still have any glitter. DO NOT BUY GLITTER from those scum sucking leeches.

OrglambertCliveDavis: I’m “Orglambert #1”.

Xenith:  Can I be "Orglambert #2"?

ComeInMe:  It saddens me (frowny)

ImTerrific: I’ve been a supporter of glitter for years. Even though Adam has the best voice I ever heard, I think he should have stuck with the glitter. Madonna still uses glitter after 30 years.

TerrificWife: Adam Lambert is dead to me.

BegForMalcolm: I’ll sue that bastard. I own most of the glitter warehoused in Hollywood.

ChuynkyChimp:  What bullshittery is this?  Lambert gifs without glitter may as well be Levine gifs.

LoveLightPeace: Can’t we still get along? Sure, we will look different. But isn’t that what makes the Orglamily special?

JamesDisdurbin: Shit! I just wanted to give glitter a chance.

CarryCoals:  Any Glamberts who purchesed large amounts of glitter in anticipashun of years of glamming it up for Adam Lambert, I am preparing a class action lawsoot  I am an atturny.  Please contact me on Twitter.

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  1. His fans voted for it and tho I don't like best of s list cuz its usually phony bulshlit, I do think Adam IS sexy. Not everyone agrees but the ones who do voted.Why is he sexy? First of all talent and confidence are always sexy, so even fuglies like mick jagger were sex symbols. He is a beautiful person, inside and out, he is freakin gorgeous to look at (evidence below) but has other sexy qualities like being smart, honest, kind, generous and funny and definately does not take himself seriously at all.and on stage he is a sexy beast!! and PS just look at poll, what the hell was his competition springsteen sexy at 60? chris brown #3 sexy while beating the shit out of you? and #2 a jobro? that's just all kinds of wrong!!