Friday, November 18, 2011

Adam Lambert and Near Naked Boyfriend Nearly Arrested

Adam Lambert, who is openly gay, and his half naked boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen, were stopped by police in West Hollywood after officers observed Lambert’s vehicle driving erratically.

Suspecting Lambert was intoxicated,he was questioned. Lambert explained they had just left a costume party at Katy Perry’s house.  Police suspected Lambert was lying. If drinking was to be involved it would have made sense to just walk to the party.

Lambert may have dug a deeper hole when he further explained that since the party was over and they were dressed as gay Indians, they might as well check out some of the clubs in West Hollywood.

Law officers, convinced of Lambert’s intoxication when he referred to the Native American garb as being “Indian”. This reporter presumes Lambert knows the “I word” is considered offensive and his lapse in judgment could be a result of  being under the influence.

The policeman, who asked not to be identified, coyly asked Lambert and his partner where the rest of the “Village People” were. Lambert, being quick on his feet (and his seat in this instance), looked the policeman up and down and reportedly said, “I think we have one of them standing right here. Would you like to join us for a drink?”

The annoyed enforcement officer then asked Lambert to step out of his vehicle. Lambert quickly replied, “See that car across the street? It’s the paparazzi and they have been following us all night. If I get out of my car in this costume and you start to pat me down, imagine the picture he will get.”

Without any explanation, the officer returned to his patrol car and drove off without issuing a warning, leaving no verifiable proof that Lambert was ever stopped.