Sunday, November 10, 2013

Adam Lambert Launches New Recording Label OMG

Openly gay American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is expected to announce tomorrow that he is launching his own recording label called “OMG”. 

OMG has initially signed several independent artists and will record, produce and distribute Lambert’s new album.  Another new company, UNF was set up to create and distribute any related merchandise associated with OMG’s artists.   

Set for release no sooner than January 1, 2014, Lambert’s new album is tentatively called “iSon”, and is inspired by the comet Ison which is expected to create plasma dragons in the sky.  Since Lambert is known as a “Glittery alien from Planet Fierce”, he is promising to bring back the glitter and glam that so many of his Glamberts missed with his last album, “Trespassing”.  

Lambert also adds that he enjoyed working as a DJ on Ellen and collaborating with Avicii and has decided to do some additional remixing under the name “T-Werk”.  His first project is to bring the song “20th Century Boy” into the 21st century.  

Official confirmation is expected that OMG has signed “Nile Rivers”, an indie band that is said to have the musical gravitas of Nile Rodgers and the sophistication of Joan Rivers.  Also rumored to have signed is parody artist Smiley Serious, the youngest daughter of Weird Al Yankonit.  

It was visible that Lambert was excited about another project.  Expected to be finished in time to compete with the Super Bowl half-time show featuring Lambert’s nemesis, Bruno Mars, Lambert and OMG plan to collaborate with longtime friends Will Cherry and Madonna Pittman to produce a spectacle similar to “The Zodiac Show” called “Cockroaches on Uranus”.


  1. WOW... If ever he needed advice on what NOT to do, here's the guideline... HE DOESN'T need any advice, obviously... LOOOOOOOOL

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  3. So many hidden gems. LMAO! Sure Adam would luv this, he has a great sense of humor. ;)

  4. You got me good. At first I almost fell out of my chair then realized it's a joke. That was so cruel.