Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Adam Lambert to front KISS for US tour

Drinking and drugs have finally taken their toll on the current members of KISS, so much so that they are unable to sing at the level their loyal fans have come to expect.

Enter Adam Lambert!

Because the cover story was written months ago, there is no mention in Rolling Stone of the openly gay American Idol runner-up joining the iconic group.  Lambert will be taking his rightful place fronting another iconic group, QUEEN, for a North American tour beginning June 19th and then join KISS for the last leg of their 2014 tour in August. 

Lambert first met the members of KISS and QUEEN when he performed with them on the American Idol Season 8 finale.  Lambert has said that he was finally able to show his full "glam" self once the voting on Idol was over when he sang with KISS dressed in 6" glittery platform boots, head to toe leather, shoulder cages and rhinestones glued to his eyelids.  Although both groups offered Lambert jobs after the epic finale, he had his own promising career to launch but promised to stay in contact.

Lambert is currently working on his third studio album that has now been delayed into early 2015.  Although lyrics were leeked on the eve of April Fool's Day, Lambert did share that his latest effort will be the most surreal, down-to-earth, honest, post gay mix of genres to date.  A source close to Lambert says that he is struggling to please all his fans who are begging for everything from more rock to more covers to more electronic dance music.  Lambert just finished a stint on Glee where he played Elliott "Starchild" Gilbert and is entertaining an offer for a spinoff where the current New York City cast moves back to Elliott's home town of Paramus, NJ where Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Elliott open a Karaoke bar inside one of the Paramus malls.

It is not certain whether current ticket holders for the August concert dates can request a refund.  Until confirmation is obtained, ticket holders are urged to contact the Glamberts to possibly purchase the tickets as it is reported they will "buy anything".