Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken "Burn it Up" Together

Suspicious about the timing of pictures showing a shirtless Adam Lambert, Glamberts and Claymates will soon have the opportunity to purchase professional naked pictures.

Fans of the openly gay, American Idol runners up are begging to see their "Zeus in a Thong" and sexy "Sir Robin" naked. So the pair decided to team up for "Cray of Light", a charity they created, to provide safe sunbathing education and sunscreen products to freckled gingers and other fair skinned gay males in the world's hottest and sunniest areas.

The charity photo campaign called "Ginger Snaps" has Aiken and Lambert appearing naked together and separately in "tastefully edited" photographs that will be available for sale.  

Recently getting burned, Clay Aiken reached out to Adam Lambert, a fellow ginger, to get advice on how to keep from getting sunburned.  Lambert, being no stranger to getting burned commiserated with Aiken about his inability to fully enjoy some rays, and is usually seen on the hottest of days covering every inch of skin.

A few details have been leeked by James Blond, an intern and nephew of New York designers David and Phillipe Blond, who was a stylist for the photo shoot.  He said being a stylist for a naked photo shoot had its challenges, but Aiken and Lambert were up for it.  Blond shared a story about Lambert posing with an inflatable toy boat when Lambert joked, "We're gonna need a bigger boat". Aiken was having trouble walking after his most recent sun exposure where he burned his most sensitive area, the bottoms of his feet.  Lambert shared a tip, to wear knee high boots on the beach.  He said they also keep the sand out of your toes and protect your pedicure.

Blond spilled that a special collection of revealing poses will be autographed and auctioned.  Blond also joked that this will be one time fans will wish the pictures were not signed as the autographs cleverly cover some never seen skin.

Also, to introduce "Glambaik" a line of high end sunscreen (SPF69) products that also benefit the charity, West Hollywood wedding planner Mary Mitamoro is staging a nude beach "wedding" which is scheduled to take place at an undisclosed location.  Rumors have surfaced that Lambert and Aiken are planning to do a duet, unless it was misunderstood and are planning to "do it".

Choice seats directly in front and in back of Adam and Clay are already commanding thousands of dollars on  Listen for an official announcement about the photographs and auction on iHateRadio.

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