Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bruno Mars' and Adam Lambert's "Never Close Our Eyes" Music Video Details Leeked

Fans of Grammy Award winner Bruno Mars and American Idol Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, will be thrilled to know that details of the music video for the much anticipated next single “Never Close Our Eyes” have been leeked.

Georgio Romeo (Knight of the Dead and Dawnriders) has been tapped by Lambert to direct the music video. Romeo contacted a movie props rental company to order needed items and couldn’t help but spill some details to the representative. The rep, who only wishes to be identified as a Glambert, told his story: 

"Mr. Romeo is a regular client. He said he was contacted by Adam Lambert to help with the creative vision for his latest music video. He (Romeo) said Adam was very candid about being a huge fan of videos like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and Madonna’s ‘Bedtime Story’ and also really likes vampires."

“I was so excited!" the Glambert, wearing heavy theatrical makeup himself, continued, "For me personally, I can’t wait til Halloween to see what creative costume Adam will come up with. And every year it’s been a vampire. So he (Romeo) said he wanted to add a zombie twist on the lyrics of “Never Close Our Eyes.” It will be similar to the “If I Had You” video with all of Adam’s friends participating and will take place in a cemetery instead of the woods."

 Evidently, our source was given even more juicy details from Romeo.

Our Glambert was overwhelmed in excitement as he spoke. "In a symbolic move, Adam will bury a bucket of glitter and also, to my horror, will bury his leather lace crotch pants. Then, Adam, as well as half of the zombies, will be wearing Italian designer suits. Renting 25 Italian designer suits is what brought Mr. Romero into our place. Believe me, he already has more plastic tombstones than anyone I know."

As reported by many sources, Adam performed the song “Trespassing” on the NewNowNext Awards. Biggest Leeker picked up on an unsubstantiated story that after Adam had a few drinks he promised his drag queen friends that they could be in his video.

Do you think Bruno Mars, who wrote the latest song, will make a cameo appearance as well? Maybe so, but the Biggest Leeker thinks you might not recognize him as we are betting he’ll be in drag too.


EDITOR'S NOTE:  One of our readers pointed out an obvious omission from the above story.  We at apologize for any confusion as the omission of the fact that "Adam Lambert is openly gay" clearly changes the whole story. Our writers have been carefully screened and the stories have been proofread, but this one slipped by us.  The writer of this story will be reprimanded, but since Sum Young Kyd is an intern and is working for free, we are going to keep him on our staff.