Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adam Lambert suspected of shoplifting

Adam Lambert, the openly gay runner up of American Idol season 8, was stopped, questioned and patted down after security at Alternative Hole Foods in West Hollywood suspected Lambert of shoplifting.

A customer at the store, who identified himself as Loo Nhee, alerted store security when he noticed a huge bulge in the front of Lambert’s trousers just after witnessing Lambert spending a lot of time examining the eggplant and zucchini and not placing any in his shopping cart. His cart reportedly contained some items of suspicion.

Store security officer, Hugh Morliss, approached Lambert as he was exiting the store and asked him why he didn’t purchase the eggplant or zucchini. Lambert explained that neither the eggplant nor the zucchini was big enough for the use in special recipe his partner, Finnish reality star Sauli Noskinin, were planning to prepare.

Morliss noticed an eggplant sized bulge in Lambert’s trousers and asked him to stand with his legs apart. As he began the pat down, customer Nhee reported that Morliss turned - and we quote: "red as an organic beet" as it became clear the bulge was 100% Lambert.

Lambert was released without having to submit to a cavity search but was accosted by paparazzi as he exited the store. Lambert, still clearly excited, smiled and waved as he drove off in his beige Ford Focus.


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