Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adam Lambert Receives the "No Way, Yes Way, AMWAY" Leadership Award

Adam Lambert, runner-up of American Idol season eight, performed at Amway’s Leadership Seminar in Shanghai in December 2011. But new leeks indicate there is much more to this story. With cameras strictly forbidden at the event and most Amway distributors staying under the radar, verification of these newly leeked facts has been impossible.

Lambert, who is openly gay, was actually the recipient of Amway’s most prestigious award that honors one of its distributors who has not only reached Amway’s almost unattainable sales goals, but who is also in a high profile position to promote the Amway brand. The award, called the “No Way, Yes Way, Amway” was awarded to Lambert in a secret meeting.

Our entertainment correspondent, Papz Amir, was able to sneak into the event posing as, of all things, one of Lambert’s entourage.To avoid tipping off Lambert’s actual entourage, Mr. Amir posed to them as an assistant to Lambert provided by the venue.

Mr. Amir was able to speak with Lambert and ask some questions. The casual question and answer follows. We at BiggestLeeker apologize for Mr. Amir’s grammar, but he was trying to not sound normal, not like a news correspondent. We think he did a great job and uncovered some great new information about Lambert as well as some Amway insider secrets, a critical part of Amway’s allure.

PA: It is like so nice to like meet you Adam. But I don’t think anyone knows that you are actually an Amway distributor. Like WTF?

AL: Well actually my whole family is involved with Amway. My parents actually first met in college at an Amway opportunity meeting arranged through the college for students they didn’t think would be able to find jobs in their chosen majors.

PA: Who all in your family sells Amway?

AL: My mom, my dad, my dad’s fiancé, all my aunts and uncles…really everyone because the way you get ahead is by signing up as many people as you can. We even signed up our dog Maggie at one point.

PA: Your dad has a fiancé?

AL: Well, I didn’t know what else to call her.

PA: So how long have you been selling Amway and why haven't we heard?

AL: I started right after I dropped out of college because I needed some extra income. Amway offered me a flexible schedule, unlimited income potential and an opportunity to win valuable trips, like this one to beautiful Shanghai, and most importantly, great networking opportunities.

PA: That sounds like a commercial for Amway. Did they give you a script?

AL: No, I’ve just gotten really good at answering interview questions. (laughs) Maybe you should look into the opportunity yourself. I can give you some information. Or better yet, I can set up a party with some of your family and friends. During the meeting here they are offering a special on their introductory sample box. It’s only $19.95 and it’s a $500 value. But it’s only available for a few days. Then it goes back up to $49.95.

PA: So you actually use and sell Amway?

AL: Of course.

PA: What’s your favorite product?

AL: I don’t really have favorites. Besides, Amway manufactures products that we use every day, from cleaning products, skin and body care, health supplements, jewelry, vacuum cleaners, custom kitchen cabinets and jewelry. In fact one of the reasons I am here is to launch their clothing line which I helped to design. My first piece should be ready to launch in 2013…ish. There were some changes that caused some delays. I wanted the fabric to be as organic as possible to be consistent with Amway’s commitment to the environment. In fact most of their products are now made of rice.

PA: Huh?

AL: Yes. Over the years Amway has removed all the chemicals from its products. Now, everything from the food supplements, the makeup and the laundry soap are made from rice and rice byproducts. Most of the products are actually edible.

PA: You can eat the laundry soap and makeup?

AL: True. I once mixed some makeup base with a little olive oil and made a tasty salad dressing.

PA: Yuk! What did it taste like?

AL: Kind of like olive oil.

PA: So they make vacuum cleaners out of rice?

AL: Not exactly. But the disposable filters are made of rice and are currently available in two flavors, tangy lemon and buttered popcorn. There are samples in that introductory kit. I can run your credit card right now. Hey, I need to start getting ready. Aren’t you supposed to be my assistant?

This concludes the question and answer session from our entertainment correspondent, Papz Amir. From what he said, Adam removed his shirt and he recalls nothing after that.

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